Saturday, 19 December 2009

Their Pravda.

When she said that “socialists eventually run out of other people’s money” Margaret Thatcher was being too kind. The credit crunch has revealed the fact that she should have continued with, “and then they mortgage the future”. One then also has to wonder if even that is wrong. Perhaps the saying should be, “Socialists malevolently squander other people’s money and mortgage the future in an attempt to destroy the present, thereby creating a vacuum to be filled with the socialist dystopia of their choice”. Further one might add, “Socialists destroy anything that doesn’t fit their ideology”.

Gordon Brown is a prime example of all this. When he sold Britain’s gold reserves at a loss of billions, was that to finance ‘social justice’ or simply to bring the crash closer? When he blew our money bloating the public sector, was he ensuring the delivery of ‘excellence’ or trying to stack up an unsustainable dept whilst also buying votes? Did he then, when the credit crunch arrived, piss his pants with uncontrolled glee and use Keynesian lunacy to justify throwing away even more money? And what can possibly explain his joy, when we are 178 billion in dept, in declaring he’ll throw 1.5 billion at the none-problem of global warming in Africa – this incidentally on top of the IDF billion a year already being tossed down that continental toilet?

A glance across the Atlantic reveals another rabid socialist with his trotter on the public wallet. The Obamessiah, with Hillary gazing at him adoringly now first place at the rough is unavailable to her, almost certainly took a long hard look at our beloved NHS. There, he thought, is the kind of financial shit pit into which I can endlessly shovel American tax dollars, and at once set about digging it. Hey, the country is on the verge of crashing and burning, so let’s throw a 100 billion at the Third World to fight global warming, meanwhile butt-fucking every useful industry in the land with cap-&-trade. Viva la revolution!

So, in the future, when Orwell’s 1984 has ceased to be a warning for the sane and an instruction book for socialists, when paper money is burnt for fuel and coinage melted down to make taser wire, and when you’re grovelling in the dirt for organic potatoes whilst your political officer stands over you slapping his baton against the palm of his hand, look back on these people and remember what they did, because you’ll never read the truth in a history book. There’ll be only one truth, theirs, their Pravda.

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