Friday, 18 December 2009

Copenhagen Reality Disconnect.

So, the absolute maximum sea level rise the IPCC can come up with, after perpetually getting its predictions wrong, is about 2 feet in 150 years, which in metric terms is about 4 millimetres a year. The IPCC then of course neglects to mention that the sea level has risen 120 metres since the end of the last Ice Age 18,000 years ago. Getting hold of simple figures like this is now a nightmare on the Internet, because across the board the emphasis is on present global warming and disaster scenarios. But let’s do a little mathematics. 120,000mm divided by 18,000 years = 6.7mm a year. Um.

So, the ice caps are not melting. Whilst Arctic ice has reduced, Antarctic ice is actually increasing and the net amount of ice has remained virtually unchanged since we really started trying to measure these things a mere 30 years ago. The best the watermelons can come up with is that ‘the ice is rotten so the satellite data is wrong’. Sea ice, by the way, is irrelevant, does your drink overflow when the ice cubes floating in it melt? Um.

So, the Polar bear population has quadrupled over the last forty years and a Polar bear can swim hundreds of miles. Polar bears survived the Medieval Warm period, the Roman 600 year long warming, the 4000 year long Holocene Climate Optimum – all periods when it was warmer than now. Um.

So, when its hot or the rain is heavy it’s global warming, but fifteen years of no statistically significant temperature rise, in fact four years of cooling, is just ‘the weather’. Um.

So, in Earth’s past CO2 levels have been far far higher than they are now yet, oddly, we didn’t get runaway global warming turning Earth into Venus. In fact, let’s put a little graph to illustrate that.

Note that during the Late Ordovician Period CO2 concentration was nearly 12 times higher than today at 4400ppm. This was during an Ice Age. Oh, and do you see any connection at all between CO2 levels and temperature? Um.

So, a bunch of painfully thick politicians and enviro-nazis, shivering in the snow and minus four temperature at Copenhagen, have decided that the best way to save the planet from disaster is to wreck our economies with cap and trade, tax us into utter submission, and funnel money to the Third World where it will go straight into the bank accounts of people like Robert Mugabe.


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