Monday, 25 January 2010

Haiti Earthquake

So, Haiti has a small and damaged airport. Organizations have been struggling to land planes full of supplies of food, water, drugs, doctors, rescue workers, rescue equipment and troops, and in fact some have had to be turned away, but right in the middle of this Hillary Clinton arrives? Well that’s helpful. Then Bill Clinton turns up with is daughter Chelsea. That’s helpful too. Did they or their entourages get out there and dig through some rubble to unearth someone dying of thirst underneath, or maybe administer pain killers to someone lying on a pus-soaked bed screaming in pain? Or did they swan about a bit looking concerned for the cameras? I leave you to answer that. I have to wonder, what with an election coming up, how long it will be before Brown or Cameron pop out there for their photo opportunities.

Then there’s the Haitians themselves – those being rescued. It seems that every single one of them being dragged from the rubble immediately thanked God. Now did God work all night and tear the skin off his hands to remove the shattered concrete and twisted reinforcing rods? Where was God for the other 150,000 who died, or were they evidently unbelievers with insufficient strength of faith? Did these rescuees thank God for the Duvaliers? I mean the rescuers were sent by God and Him being omnipotent he must have sent the Duvaliers and subsequent corrupt rulers too. And did they thank the all-seeing all-knowing God for sending the earthquake in the first place?